Breakthrough Session 

If your health is a top priority in your life—or if you're ready to make it a top priority—you're a strong candidate to receive a complimentary GET YOUR HEALTH BACK! Breakthrough Session with our Ayurveda Health Coach, Lisa Bailey.

In this coaching session, you will:

>> Create a sense of CLARITY for how you will feel—physically, mentally, emotionally and beyond—when you are living a health-full life again.

>> Discover the ESSENTIAL BUILDING BLOCKS for creating an abundance of health, joy and energy in your life.

>> Determine the #1 OBSTACLE STOPPING YOU from claiming control of your health.

>> Identify the MOST POWERFUL ACTIONS that will move you toward your specific health goals and the fullness of life you desire.

>> Step away knowing EXACTLY WHAT TO DO next to get your health back on track and feel that verve for life that you’ve been missing.

Additionally, the session serves as a pre-qualifying interview for Lisa's Ayurvedic health programs, which help you reach your health and overall life goals, step by step. In the session you and Lisa will determine together if you're a good fit for one of the programs to help you manifest the health-full life you want for yourself.

Answer the questions here to apply for the session. You'll be notified within a few days about the status of your application.